Violetta Ustayev

Founder and Principal Designer

Violetta brings a distinctive, holistic approach to her designs. For the past ten years she has been infusing her work with her own global experiences and personal eclectic style. She has been collaborating with clients nationally and internationally on both residential and   commercial interiors. Her keen attention to detail brings fresh and  intriguing designs to her clients. Raised in a creative home of fashion and beautification, Violetta has developed an excellent eye for detailed pattern and cohesive conceptualization. In addition to training in interior design at the Parsons School of Design, she possesses a master’s degree in accounting and finance management, as well as a bachelor of science degree from the Pennsylvania State University. While earning her Bachelor’s Degree, Violetta nurtured the practical experience which still guides her work today by buying, renovating, and reselling properties. This                                                                                    allows her to work with any budget and manage any project in a timely and                                                                                    professional manner.